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Dictionary meaning
Tes-ti-mo-ny: A shared recounting or declaration,
the telling of a personal experience for others to know

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InstaRate has 3 patent pending
review systems unlike any other app.
1 - Tap’n-Go provides for users to
tap on “word groups” that exemplify your experience with business.
2 - Photo Reviews with your smiling face.
3 -  50 second video reviews that share your experience, your testimonial and any recommendation either negative or positive so others will know.

What agents are saying:

“This app is the best way to collect a recommendation or
testimonial from anyone that has experienced my abilities.”

What Escrow Officers are saying:

InstaRate is ideal to text out a request, to get a rating based
on what they know about me and my work. Positive or unhappy,
the feedback is indeed valuable to know.

What Loan Officers are saying:

Every time I close a loan from a referral real estate agent, I send a
text to REALTOR as well as the person that I closed the loan for.

What Title Representatives are saying:

InstaRate testimonials are perfect to share with clients and hopeful
new clients, so they know other agents are happy with me and my company.

Reasons to use InstaRate

No Typing is necessary for your Testimonial

1 - Tap-n-go Testimonials can be both positive or negative.
The InstaRate App is the only app that provides users to “tap”
word groups that describe their experience with the professional.. This makes giving a recommendation
(good or bad)…fast and easy. Pick up to 5 different choices in 10 seconds!

Give an audio/voice recommendation…fast!

2 - Providing a voice recording of your experience with the professional, you are letting others hear the inflection in your voice that will likely let others know your sincerity. You can also provide your photo so others know you are a Real person. Other companies rarely offer this unique authentication/verification.

Real estate agents with no closed sales

3 - If you don’t have a closed sale, you can still get reviews from anyone that you know. Testimonials about you, happy or unhappy, are helpful in the growing process for anyone in business. Videos in particular are the ideal form of a recommendation, so others can see a REAL person
who is expressing their experience. They may express dissatisfaction, however you are able to respond directly to that person through our app before their video goes “LIVE”. Other apps and websites offer “words” and typically no authentication. We offer real verified authentication!

Posting testimonials to other sites

4 - Recommendations (good or unhappy)are easily shared on your YouTube channel. When people are searching your name, your videos will appear and the Google pages associated with you will also display those same videos (Google owns You Tube). Simply link your account within the app to You Tube (other sites, coming soon). All videos can be downloaded and place on any social media site of your choice! This provides for easy distribution to maximize your rankings so you reach more people. Gather your testimonials and recommendations so others know about your abilities

Authenticate with InstaRate

Testimonial Authentication

It’s important to confirm a recommendation, Happy or Unhappy. 3-5 Stars are not required to be authenticated, however it is strongly suggested. We use the star system because it is recognizable. Testimonials are the ultimate rating system. You could have 10 stars, but it’s the person who is sharing their experience that is the true STAR. By providing our proprietary authentication process, we make the testimonial much more valuable. It takes just an extra minute to do and others feel that they are getting to know the true experience that person is sharing about. The professional utilizing InstaRate is able to gather many more recommendations than other non-authenticated means. People are never required to authenticate or provide a photo. Those who do are typically happy to do so, to help the professional that they have experience in knowing.   

Unhappy Testimonial

Sometimes what people express, are actually unhappy recommendations. These are typically referred to as one and two star ratings. These ratings can become “LIVE”, only if the person authenticates what they are sharing. We verify the persons phone number with a code that is sent to their phone they have submitted their testimonial from. When they input the 6 digit code
to verify their authenticity, then their rating is sent to the professional and they are notified on their app and via e-mail. The InstaRate user will have the opportunity to reach out to the unhappy person and share their thoughts about their experience. They will be provided the opportunity to rescind their review. If they choose not to, the review remains “LIVE” for 100 days and is then removed.